7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science

Agenda and Extra Resources

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Extra Resources

August 5-8

  1. Watch: Welcome to Ms. Helm’s Class

  2. Watch: How Edmentum Works (coming soon)

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  4. Request Printed Notes?

Video: How to Save your Notes from Edmentum Digitally!

Notes: Classroom Expectations and Requirements

Aug 9-15

  1. Methods of Science

  2. POST TEST: Scientific Process (4 Questions)

Aug 15-22

  1. Cells: The Building Blocks of Life

Ms. Helm goes over: Cells: The Building Blocks of Life
Video: Amoeba Sisters: Introduction to Cells

Aug 23-29

  1. The Parts of a Cell

  2. POST TEST: Intro to Types of Cells (8 Questions)

Video: The Cell's Organelles
Video: Cells Cells rap
Video: Parts of a Cell song

Aug 30 - Sep 5

  1. Tissues, Organs, and Systems

Video: Amoeba Sisters: Human Body Systems
Video: Crash Course: Tissues, Part 1

Sep 6-12

  1. Sensory Receptors

  2. The Skeletal and Muscle Systems

Video: Crash Course: Skeletal System

Sep 13-19

  1. The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

Video: Amoeba Sisters: Circulatory Systems

Sep 20-26

  1. POST TEST: Human Body (16 questions)

STUDY GAME for 1st 9 Weeks Test!

Sep 27-October 3

  1. 1st 9 WEEKS TEST! (21 questions)

    Work not done by October 1st will receive a ZERO.

October 4-10


Oct 11-17

1. The Growth and Development of Organisms
2. Nutrition and Digestion
3. Reproductive Structures and Strategies

Oct 18-24

1. POST TEST: Characteristics of Life
2. Comparative Anatomy

Oct 25-31

1. What is an Ecosystem?

Nov 1-7

1. Food Webs
2. Relationships in an Ecosystem

Nov 8-14

1. Resource Availability
2. Biodiversity and Population Size

Nov 15-21

1. Protecting Ecosystems

Nov 22-28

Thanksgiving BREAK!

Nov 29-Dec 5

1. Natural Selection
2. What is Evolution?
3. Fossils

Dec 6-12

1. Embryology
2. POST TEST: Natural Selection / Change Over Time

Dec 13-16


1. 2nd 9 Weeks Test (MUST BE TAKEN IN PERSON)
ALL work not done by Thursday, December 16th will receive a ZERO.

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