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Under Construction! Thanks for your patience!

I will post a copy of my school district's digital device policy. I beleive it is still a work in progress, but thought some of you might be interested in how we are doing it.

Learn how to Easily and Cheaply

Integrate Technology into YOUR classroom! 

Below is the presentation I gave in Atlanta, GA on November 1st 2012. I will update it on this website as I work on it. It is always a work in progress! If you have any new ideas please feel free to send them my way at: and feel free to steal what you like!

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Thanks for stopping by my website. This is an ongoing project, so thank you for your patience as I put this together and work out the kinks. I will be including ideas and products that I come across that are ACTUALLY PRACTICAL to the classroom and are easy to use. I do not make money off of this site, so be assured, they are here because I actually use them!

Step #1:        MAKE A WEBSITE!

Why? They are FREE! And easy to use. This is the first website I have ever made, and I didn't need to ask anyone for help making it. I highly recommend (the provider of my website). There are plenty of other fabulous websites that offer the same services, but this is the one I use. It offers easy to understand and use tools. They offer free websites if you don't mind it looking like: I went ahead and paid a small fee (less than $20 a year) so that I can have it be simple and easy to remember: and then the website offers MANY cool photos and graphics you can pick from for free. Other than that small fee, everything on this website was free, and it looks pretty cool, huh!?

This website allows me to download "widgets". Honesty, I'm not sure what a widget is, but they seem like cool little buttons you can chose from and add them to your website. I like the Facebook "like", Tweet, and Google+ buttons. (These can count as documentation for parental contact!)

Once you start your website:

Learn to download:
        *Scanned copies of Worksheets (I make my students print their own new copy when they lose it. Saves me copies and they learn to stop losing them... well... most of them)

Learn to Hyperlink: Its the infinity symbol with the word Link next to it. You can make it so students can click and go to a website, download a PPT, etc. Really handy. And makes you look awesome.

These are the basics. Once you get those down, play with the other features and watch the how-to videos the web provider has to offer. I learn new stuff all the time.

 Things to do with Cell Phones:

Idea 1:   Use QR Codes!

Why? They are super easy and the kids really love them. It gets them really involved in the learning process since it is truly interactive. There are MANY ideas on how to use them. Below I have links to other people's websites on how to make them and how to use them:

You will need to download a QR reader from your smartphones App store. Get a free one. There is NO point in paying for one.

QR code Generator Website (or Google, there are hundreds)

QR code idea Website (or Google, TONS out there)

Idea 2:  Social Media! 

Sign up for a Twitter Account and edmodo or facebook.

I use Twitter to send students and parents tweets about upcoming tests, assignments that are due, or anything else I need them to know last minute. I've even posted that I was out of paper towels or Lysol wipes and I'll have a student show up the next day with some. This is AWESOME!

ENCOURAGE YOUR PARENTS TO SIGN UP! The more they are involved, the more successful EVERYONE will be!

As for edmodo, its like Facebook for teachers, I use this as a way for students to talk to each other about what is going on.

Link a Widget to your website so students and parents can easily access both these accounts. I found mine under Widgets, Social, then pick what you want.