Welcome to the Virtual Academy of Decatur City Schools - Science Department.

Below you will find basic information. If you have any more questions, please contact me here.

Supply List

You will need the following supplies to be successful in your Virtual Academy Studies:






Student Expectations

* Students are to check in with the Virtual Academy teachers at least 2 times per week.

* Students may work on tutorials and mastery tests from home.

* Students MUST take Post Tests and the End of Semester Test AT the Virtual Academy while under the supervision of a teacher. 

* Students are encouraged to take good notes!

Students login to their classes through Clever. 

Marine Biology

There are 2 Unit Activities for each Semester of Marine Biology. We will be doing labs in the classroom. I need to wait until October 1st to get my school money so I can buy supplies. Information will be uploaded as supplies come in.

1st 9 Weeks Lab : Ocean Acidification

2nd 9 Weeks Lab: Evolution / Cladograms

3rd 9 Weeks Lab: Plankton Lab

4th 9 Weeks Lab: River Cleanup or Microplastics Lab