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For those who wish to donate some materials for classroom activities and labs, the following is a list of items that would be greatly appreciated. :)

*An Essential Oil Diffuser. There have been multiple studies that show that certain scents help students retain and extract information during tests. I tested this in my classroom last year with a diffuser I borrowed, and it was AMAZING! The kids were considerably more focused and as a side bonus, my room smelled amazing without any carcinogens or other nasty "chemicals" that usually stir up allergies found in common air fresheners. I have some oils, I just need a diffuser. :)

*Videos: Feel free to find websites that offer these at a better price. I would LOVE to have any of these DVDs. Our current videos are few and on VHS :(

           Bill Nye or Magic School Bus DVDs on:         Heart, Cells, Genes, Populations, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Plants, Human Characteristics.

*Speakers: Sometimes I have to play videos through the computer and my tiny computer speakers suck. :( I'm not sure what is out there (I'm not techy) but I would love something that is on the ceiling so I can spread out the noise so it doesn't cause hearing damage to the poor child sitting right in front of my computer.

*Later in the year we will be doing labs that require materials that cannot be purchased in advance. We will use strawberries for a DNA extraction and Chicken wings for dissections, for example. I will post these as the time comes nearer. If you are willing to purchase these things, please let me know!

Thanks! We are going to have an exciting year!